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About Purple Parrot Programs

Purple Parrot Programs provides software solutions for a variety of needs, in the form of customized applications, off-the-shelf software and web-enabled applications.

Purple Parrot Programs is located in Madison, Alabama. The Company was formed in 2002 after completing the development of our most ambitious product, Media Manager. We support numerous programming languages including Visual Basic, C, HTML, ASP, ADO, VBScript and RPG, including RPG II, RPG III, RPG IV, ILE, SDA, Query, CL and OCL.

As a small business, Purple Parrot Programs, offers personalized service and support. You can feel confident when purchasing our products or services that you will receive a prompt response to your inquiries and support needs. Our attention to detail will eliminate the annoying omissions that can be found in so many other programs or customized projects.

We currently offer several off-the-shelf programs, including Task Scheduler, System Shutdown, Music Stop, Font Viewer, Personal Budget Manager, and Media Manager. In addition, we have developed a collection of ActiveX Controls suitable for use by Windows programmers.

Purple Parrot Programs can provide customized applications, at a reasonable cost, to meet specific needs that you or your organization may have. Please contact us for specific price quotations.

To learn more about our services please visit our Services page. To purchase Media Manager or any of the other fine products we offer, please visit our Products page.

Contact Information:
Purple Parrot Programs
P.O. Box 595
Madison, Alabama 35758

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