Defrag Timer

 Version: 1.1 Price: $19.00 USD 
 Requirements: Win9X/2000/ME/NT4/XP/2003/(32-bit)Vista/(32-bit)Win7 License: Shareware, 30 days 
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Normal, everyday usage of your computer causes files on the hard drive to become fragmented, which usually results in reduced performance. To alleviate this problem Microsoft suggests that Windows computers be defragmented periodically. Unfortunately, most users forget or neglect to perform this necessary function.

Purple Parrot Defrag Timer helps to maintain optimum system performance and stability by automatically performing disk defrags on a schedule that you determine. And the best part is that this critical task can be performed quietly, almost unnoticed in the background, while you're surfing on the Internet, playing games, or balancing your checkbook (Note: Windows 95, 98, and ME seem to insist on displaying a popup window while defrags are running, but Windows 2000 and XP do not). Other products such as Diskeeper do the same thing, but at a much higher price.

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