SimpleGrid1 ActiveX Control

 Version: 1.1 Price: $10.00 USD 
 Requirements: Win98SE/2000/ME/NT4/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 License: Shareware, 30 days 
 Primary Download (File Size: 2.32 MB)      Alternate Download

Purple Parrot SimpleGrid1 ActiveX Control, when placed on a form, allows you to present data in a grid format similar to MSFlexGrid, but with a lot of new capabilities:

• No longer need to manually center column headings
• Since the vertical scroll bar doesn't disappear/reappear based upon the number of rows in the grid, you no longer need to change grid widths as the number of rows changes
• Since the RowColChange event now doesn’t execute when the row or column changes programmatically (only when the user changes the row or column), you may be able to remove some coding which you have inserted to compensate for this shortcoming
• You may be able to remove any extraneous row-highlighting code, because row-highlighting works correctly in this grid
• Less coding is required because of CellData, CellBackColor, and`CellForeColor properties
• A user can now select multiple-rows
• Grid shows number of rows-selected/total-rows at the bottom
• A checkbox column can be added to a grid
• The height of the grid is automatically controlled

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