System Shutdown

 Version: 3.3 Price: $19.00 USD 
 Requirements: Win9X/2000/ME/NT4/XP/2003/Vista/Win7/Win8 License: Shareware, 30 days 
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Do you ever forget to turn off your computer, so it ends up running all night? Or do you have a server which needs to be rebooted periodically, but it can only be done in the middle of the night when no one is using it? Or maybe your teenager stays up all night chatting on the Internet, and you want to make sure they go to bed in a timely fashion. Purple Parrot System Shutdown will automatically shut down or restart the computer on a schedule you define.

A new feature in version 2.3 is the option (in Windows NT, 2000, XP, and 2003) to setup the shutdown scheduler as a service. In this way, the Purple Parrot System Shutdown can continue to execute even if no user signs on to the computer.

A new feature in version 3.0 is the ability to use a password to prevent users from stopping a scheduled shutdown, from changing the program's options and shutdown schedule, or from turning off the scheduler.

A new feature in version 3.1 is the ability to maintain your computer clock's accuracy by synchronizing with an Internet time server. In this way, you can further prevent tampering with the program's shutdown process by stopping users from manually adjusting the clock.

New features in version 3.2 include:
•An enhanced ability to enforce parental-defined computer curfews by continuing to shut down Windows for up to 24 hours after a scheduled shutdown. This ability prevents someone from circumventing an enforced shutdown by simply turning the computer back on.
•An option to delay a scheduled event for up to 2 hours. This feature can be especially useful if, for example, your teenager needs to continue working long enough to finish a homework assignment, without canceling the scheduled shutdown altogether.
•An extension of the number of countdown seconds allowed, providing a warning period of up to 10 minutes.
•A less intrusive event-warning display, which, until the final 15 seconds of the countdown, is smaller, and appears in the lower, right-hand corner of the screen (but can be moved).

New features in version 3.3 include:
•Added a menu option to check for and install new versions of the program (if available).
•Modified to work better with Windows 7.
•Modified to work with 64-bit versions of Windows.

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