Task Scheduler

 Version: 1.2 Price: $29.00 USD 
 Requirements: Win98SE/2000/ME/NT4/XP/2003/Vista/Win7/Win8 License: Shareware, 30 days 
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The question might be asked, since Windows already has a task scheduling utility, why would anyone need another one? The answer to that question is (1) ease of use and (2) enhanced capabilities.

The Purple Parrot Task Scheduler allows you to quickly and easily define tasks to be executed on your computer, and then to select which of those tasks are currently active. For example, to temporarily disable a task in the Windows scheduler requires approximately six steps, while our scheduler only requires one step -> click on the check box next to a task to disable or enable it. That's all there is to it.

Additionally, several predefined tasks are available to further facilitate task creation. The current list of predefined tasks are as follows:
• Set an alarm/reminder
• Empty the recycle bin
• Delete a file(s)
• Clear a folder
• Delete a folder
• Defrag a disk drive
• Close a program
• Ping an IP address
• Logoff the current user
• Restart the computer
• Turn off (shutdown) the computer

Two more significant improvements over the Windows scheduler have been provided:
(1) There's no need to enter a Windows user ID and password in order to schedule a task
(2) You can now send or show a notification of task execution by way of an e-mail or a simple on-screen message

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Task Definition:

The basic information for defining a scheduled task is simple:
• A description to be able to identify the task
• The program to execute (click the "down arrow" for a list of predefined tasks)
• Any arguments which need to be passed to the program
• A schedule for execution (click on the "Set" button)
Numerous options for scheduling are available. These execution schedules, which can be set as daily, weekly, or monthly, also have options for executing at a specific time, a set number of minutes/hours after Windows StartUp, or every x number of minutes/hours. In addition you can set date ranges to limit execution.
Even more options can be used to further control execution of tasks.
Finally, for those tasks which require some sort of notification of when execution takes place, a task can be defined so that an e-mail is sent or a screen message is displayed when a scheduled task executes.

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